Event and Appearances

“Riveting. . . . A narrative that combines elements of 'In Cold Blood' and 'Black Hawk Down' with a touch of 'Apocalypse Now.' . . . Extraordinary.”

—New York Times Book Review

"Meticulous. . . . Demands to be read."

—Washington Post

“Gripping. . . . A model of extended reportage on a multifaceted subject.”

—Chicago Sun-Times

"With empathy and clear-eyed understanding, Frederick reveals why some men fail in battle, and how others struggle to redeem themselves. An absorbing, honest and instructive investigation into the nature of leadership under stress."

—Bing West, author of The Village and The Strongest Tribe


“Black Hearts shows how a broken system broke its men. . . . Engrossing and enraging, a chronology of combat and crime reported with compassion."

—Army Times


"More than just a thorough, detailed, well-researched, journalistic investigation into the criminal actions of a few men. . . . Frederick acts for us as Dante’s Virgil, only instead of a descent into Hell proper, he takes us into the Triangle of Death. . . . We, as readers, are invited not only to empathize with members of the 1-502, but to vicariously experience the exhaustion, the frustration, the sense of abandonment, the anger, the rebellion, and occasionally, the palpable fear that members of the battalion experienced daily for a year."

—Military Review


"Frederick . . . tells the complex story in raw, compassionate and exact detail. Black Hearts should be taught at West Point, Annapolis, and wherever else the styles and consequences of combat leadership are studied."

—Huffington Post

"Intense. . . . Fast-paced and highly detailed, this volume is difficult to put down."

—Publishers Weekly, (Starred Review, "Pick of the Week")

"Painstaking and balanced. . . . An exceptionally rich and valuable document.”


"Harrowing. . . . A riveting picture of life outside the wire in Iraq.”

—Kirkus Reviews, (Starred Review)