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Stopping Soldiers from Becoming Murderers

By Jim Frederick Feb 22, 2010
Some soldiers become murderers. The military needs to figure out how to stop them.


Book Excerpt: Anatomy of an Iraq War Crime

By Jim Frederick Feb 09, 2010
The second and final excerpt of TIME contributing editor Jim Frederick's new book highlights how Private First Class Steven Green and his co-conspirators masterminded their crime in Iraq

The Downward Spiral of Private Steven Green

By Jim Frederick Feb 08, 2010
The first of two excerpts from TIME contributing editor Jim Frederick's new book, Black Hearts: One Platoon's Descent into Madness in Iraq's Triangle of Death

When a Soldier Murders: Steven Green Gets Life
By Jim Frederick May 21, 2009
The crime was heinous, but the accused had already been discharged from service in Iraq and had to be tried back home in the States. How the jury came down

Civilian Trial Begins for Ex–Iraq Soldier
By Jim Frederick Apr 29, 2009
His accused co-conspirators were imprisoned after being court-martialed, but Steven Green faces the death penalty in Kentucky for a

The Passion of the Police Chief
By Jim Frederick Jun 23, 2008
Captain Rahman says he was fired for enforcing the law. For his U.S. backers, his case symbolizes the challenges in working with Iraqi security forces

Once Again, a Shattered Peace in Iraq
By Jim Frederick Jun 17, 2008
A massive bombing in a Baghdad marketplace ends a period of relative calm and raises fears of reprisals

Taming Iraq's Triangle of Death
By Jim Frederick Jun 09, 2008
"General Ali" has helped make the Lutufiyah area, once one of the most dangerous in the country, one of Iraq's safest. Can his model be replicated elsewhere?

Keeping the Sunni-Shi'a Peace
By Jim Frederick May 26, 2008
Conditions have slowly gotten better in a small town outside Baghdad, but the calm needs constant tending by U.S. forces caught between sectarian impulses

A Female Security Force in Iraq
By Jim Frederick May 30, 2008
In a town outside Baghdad, the U.S. Army is recruiting women to help ward off suicide bombers. Meet the "Daughters of Iraq"

Murder or Exhaustion in Iraq?
By Jim Frederick Feb 08, 2008
In a politically sensitive trial, an American soldier pleads sleeplessness and overwork in the death of an Iraqi man who breached his squad's hideout

Murder Verdict in Iraq: Guilty
By Jim Frederick Feb 10, 2008
A military court finds a U.S. soldier guilty of murdering an unarmed Iraqi, but pares down the sentence in apparent sympathy with his claim of exhaustion

Bottom Dollar
By Jim Frederick Nov 14, 2007
Economic turmoil in the US has the rest of the world increasingly rattled — for good reason

Forecasting: The Stylemaker: CRACKING THE CODE OF TOKYO'S TEENS
By Jim Frederick Oct 11, 2004
THE SILVER CYLINDRICAL EDIFICE OF Shibuya 109 (Ichi-maru-kyu in Japanese) shines like a beacon to Japan's teen fashionistas, who journey here every day like the faithful to a holy site. An eight-story, freewheeling, techno-pumping madhouse of 110 boutiques selling clothing, shoes and accessories, Maru Kyu, as it's popularly known, is the one-stop fashion mecca for ...

Japan: The New Big Three
By Jim Frederick May 22, 2005
Warning, Detroit: The Asian car companies in your rearview mirror may be closer than they appear. Whereas GM, Ford and DaimlerChrysler posted a record-low monthly U.S. market share of 56.3% in April, Japan's Big Three (Toyota, Honda and Nissan) led Asia's automakers to a record 37.5% share, according to market-research firm Autodata Corp. "The Japanese ...

Let the Battle Begin
By Jim Frederick May 15, 2005
Get ready for all-out war. Microsoft may beat Sony and Nintendo to market with Xbox 360, but the two Japanese competitors will unveil their own updated game players this week too. Sony, whose PlayStation 2 dominates the U.S. market, has the most to lose in this battle. PS2 has contributed 40% to 60% of Sony's ...

People to Watch in International Business
By Jim Frederick Apr 17, 2005
Takafumi Horie THE UPSTART Horie, 32, founder of Livedoor, one of Japan's most successful Internet firms, last year shocked the country's calcified baseball establishment by offering to buy the ailing Osaka-based Kintetsu Buffaloes. The owners rebuffed him as a punk. Now Horie has set the business community buzzing with a hostile-takeover battle against Fuji Television ...

Japan Loves Nagoya

By Jim Frederick Mar 28, 2005
Central Japan's modest metropolis has been doing many things right. Now, it's finally getting some respect


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