How Dubai evolved to be the economic hub with Leadership and style of management 

Management and leadership are two different things; each has different traits and roles in the growth of an organization. While they interchange their roles by a manager leading at times and a leader managing things. The roles are distinctly different but both are essential for success. 

The basic dissimilarity is that people follow leaders, and people work for managers. A good leader strives to inspire others, set goals, challenge the status quo, and find new ways of reaching goals. Leaders must motivate others to believe in their vision and work toward common goals. While the role of managers is to maintain the status quo and to ensure that day-to-day activities are successful in reaching these goals.  

Dubai is the perfect example of growth with its leadership and management style. Dubai has been continually making its mark in the global economy and has been transformed from a desert into one of the world’s premier cities. Dubai’s leadership and management style along with a commitment to innovation has made it a perfect destination for investors from around the world.

Foreign investments indeed played a major role in the growth of Dubai but this isn’t the reason behind its ultimate success. The secret behind the success of Dubai is a strong vision, revolutionary steps and dynamic leadership behind it. The credit for Dubai’s phenomenal development goes to its visionary leader who laid down a strong foundation. 

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, the vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai has very well defined the role of bold and sincere leadership and management which displays clearly in its impressive development has astonished the world. His leadership has helped in successfully transferring the capital resource from oil reserves to industries, most of which are real estate, healthcare, luxury hotels and financial institutions. 

The beautiful amalgamation of leadership and management can be seen in how the simple houses have modified into grand palaces and townships. The Deira souk, which was once created with just a few shops, has now changed into one of the world’s most renowned malls. The gold and diamond businesses have replaced the fishing and pearl trades. The old-style hotels have now been restored by world-class hotels and bar clubs. The conveyance system that once comprised camels and boats has been replaced by the world’s most advanced metro system. Where there was only an airport in Dubai, now the emirate is a hub of international aviation.

However, the unique geographic and strategic position of Dubai adds to its development. Its direct air and sea route connections have given a huge boost to its business activity. The flourishing tourism and real estate businesses have enticed real estate dealers and business tycoons globally. Moreover, the winning of the Dubai Expo 2020 was a landmark achievement for the emirate which has made many international companies thrive in Dubai giving a boost to the real estate business.  

To conclude, the time has come for other countries to learn management best practices and leadership style from UAE and apply some of those lessons for their growth and development.