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Car Tyres Online

A guide to shop car tyres online

Today, each and everything is available to purchase online. From electronics to grocery you can purchase anything online with the general advantage of lower prices. Car tyres are no exception from this rule and to buy tyres online in Dubai can save you lots of money. With tyre fitting partners all over the country it becomes you get the complete service even of you but them online. You get cheap tyres and great service, just make sure you follow our tips and grab yourself a good deal.

Make sure that the online provider has a service partner in your area. There is no use in saving money online on tyres if you have to rush miles to have a tyre fitted! Also, you may get a choice of getting the tyres delivered to your door if you do not want the tyres to be delivered to the address of your fitter.

It does not necessarily stand to reason that expensive tyres are more roadworthy than cheaper ones. While we all know that we have to pay for quality, we can also get good quality tyres for a lesser price if we spend a little time researching rather than trudging from shop to shop.

Shop around every time you change tyres, even if the tyre provider in the market was the cheapest on your last visit. Online tyre prices change daily to keep up with the competition so make sure you check online before you buy.

Always make sure that you are comparing quotations including all of the extras including tyre disposal, balancing new valve disposal of the old casing wheel balance, VAT and valve replacement. If you have not factored these extras into the cost you could be out on price. Except for the tracking cost, all other things are usually included in the final price of the fitting.

Make sure you are comparing the features of the tyres as well. This means all the various sizes, brand, capacity of the tyre. Make a comparative note of the prices, read the customer reviews and look for other vital details that you require. Most of these tyre retail outlets have a working support team, who will answer any or all of your queries either on the phone through emails or chat systems.

We hope this gives you a better insight into online tyre purchase. Buying online may save you money and allow you to purchase premium tyres for the same cost as cheap tyres.

Eyelash Extensions

How to take care of your Eyelash Extensions

Beautiful eyelashes give your face a very beautiful look. But then everybody is not endowed with long full and heavy eyelashes. The solution to this problem is eyelash extensions. As opposed to the myth that eyelash extensions create havoc for your eyes, when done properly by an expert, eyelash extensions are safe. Eyelash extensions in Dubai are easy to find as so many of the renowned salons offer the same and so are the home service providers like Nooora Beauty Concierge.. The staff is properly trained and certified and knows how to execute a great job with your eyelash extensions.

In the process of extension, glue is applied on your natural eyelashes, then one by one extension is added to individual eyelashes. This job requires a lot of fineness and perfection, hence takes about 2-3 hours for completion.

Once you get an eyelash extension you cannot touch them with water for the next 48 hours. This is to make sure that the glue dries properly.  You cannot apply oil base makeup with extensions as they are difficult to clean and can clog your eyelashes. Only water-based eye makeup is to be used.

Only water-based mascara is to be used and that too on the tips only. This will give the desired look and won’t clog your extensions.

The age of an eyelash is 4-6 weeks depending on person to person.  So, it is advisable to get an extension touch up every 2-3 weeks to maintain extensions. These services are provided by technicians that are expert and trained in eyelashes.

It is advised to use a silk pillow instead of a cotton pillow as it causes friction, whereas on your silk pillow your eyelash extensions can rest properly.

It is advisable to sleep straight or by your side as when you sleep on your stomach, it may make you lose some of your extension.

Rubbing of eyes is a big no-no as it will cause frictions and you can lose both your natural and extended eyelashes.

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